Jennifer Farnes

Bio: I live an idyllic island life watching sun and moon rises, the quiet passing of seasons, the glories of nature in all its varieties.....and i putter.

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  1. I just read your article in Bella Grace and had to stop reading the magazine to look you up and tell you how truly incredible you are. You have a gift and in the moments of reading your words I have felt a shift towards my authentic and beautiful self. Thank you, so very much.


    • thank you, bridget….thank you for such sweet and beautiful words that went straight to my heart. you made we weep this afternoon. and you were the bearer of such good news. thank you my new friend.


  2. Hi Jennifer – I read your piece in Bella Grace and wanted to let you know that this sentence is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever read: “The crimson of a morning sky swirling into the blueberry-blue part, the sun a hot pink button slipping into the buttonhole of a new day.” I feel that I’ll memorize that sentence and repeat it whenever I watch a sunrise. It makes me want to wake up extra early tomorrow just to see that blueberry-blue and the buttoning up of the sun.


    • oh, lindsay…you have brought me to tears. thank you for your beautiful and kind words. thank you for feeling so keenly what i felt as i watched that particular sunrise. i wish you many breathtaking sunrises in your life….i have no doubt you will sing with the angels as you watch the kaleidoscopic magic of a new morning’s beginnings. thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  3. Recently given the third edition of Bella Grace by a friend for my 73rd birthday and loved it so much I had to order a year’s subscription and all back issues (Vol. 1 was sold out but I was lucky enough to get Vol.2) Read your Surprised by Joy: 31 Small and Simple Things today and it brought so many token of gratitude that fill my life. Have signed up for you Blog via email. And delighted to know that you live in what I consider one of the most beautiful states in the USA – Washington. I live in Wenatchee, WA, a beautiful valley nestled at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. So much of God’s Masterpieces to enjoy here. Look forward to reading all your blogs.


  4. A dear friend gave my Vol.3 of Bella Grace recently for my 73rd birthday. I loved it so much that I ordered Vo.l2 (Vol.1 was sold out) and a year’s subscription. I read “Surprised by Joy: 31 Small & Simple Things and started thinking about all the amazingly “small” things that I am grateful for in my life. Imagine my JOY when I learned you live in what I consider to be one of the more beautiful state in the USA – Washington. I live in Wenatchee, nestled at the foothills of the Cascades and marvel at God’s Masterpieces every day as I view the mountains, river, orchards, pristine wilderness and majestic creations. I have signed up for your Blog via email and looking forward to reading them.


    • a new friend! what a perfect thing to find in my inbox this morning! i am so happy you fell in love with Bella Grace…it is easy to do because it appeals to all of those cherished parts of us…and we realize that we are truly not alone in the world because there are people who love the same things we love and feel the same things we feel and we discover that we are all just kindred spirits. Every time we read something that touches us, we have made an invisible connection to someone else. i have lived in washington state nearly all of my married life. when my husband came here looking for work just prior to his graduation from university he said, “everything is so green here…even the rocks!” i have always said that washington is god’s eden on earth. we moved to an island about 4 years ago and this is my favorite place. it is the best of all the worlds: i look out onto the puget sound when the rising sun colors the water every morning, i drive a few short un-trafficked miles and i see pastoral farmland, incredible gardens and wooded forests. this is paradise. thank you for your kind words and i am grateful that you want to tag along with me on my oftentimes sporadic blog. welcome, new friend!


    • omigosh…thank you for writing me, bernadette, and for your kind words. i so look forward to publishing more articles in bella grace. thank you for taking the time to respond and to follow along with me. wishing you the very best of the season.


  5. I just read your article on celebrating. You are a writer with deep insight and heartfelt words. I immediately subscribed to your blog and would like to humbly invite you to link your blog to mine on Wednesday at my Senior Salon, http://www.HaddonMusings.com. You would be a great asset to my project. I hope you will consider joining this fledgling endeavor.


    • thank you for your kindness, bernadette, and for following my blog..i love making new friends this way. i am honored that you asked me to link your blog to mine on wednesday…i’m just not quite sure how to do that. if you can lead me and guide me, i would be happy to join your endeavor!


  6. I reread your article in Bella Grace often, reminding myself to celebrate even the smallest achievements. The last two years found my life being turned upside down, not knowing what I was going to do. Bella Grace found its way into my heart with heart warming stories from women I feel live right next door. Things I needed to read as I struggled through the year were revealed to me in pages of Bella Grace, finding blogs that let me connect with beautiful creative people like yourself. As I closed 2015 your article kept drawing me to it, I knew I needed to celebrate the beautiful things that did happen in my life, my word for 2016 Celebrate. I left a tree up in my room to celebrate each moment that captured a special place in my heart. Little treasures are filling the branches of my tree, a broken crayon reminding me that even though it is broken it still colors beautiful pictures, little tennis shoes as I earned new badges on fitbit challenges with my family. Celebrating the little things has opened my heart to taking the time to use the china, light a candle, bubble baths, beautiful sunrises, the beginning of a new day, friends, sunsets, family. I celebrate each day with gratitude and grace. Thank you so much for your beautiful words, reminding us to ignite the fire within our own souls and celebrate each and every day.


    • my precious friend, kathee…thank you for the gift of your beautiful words this morning, you lifted my heart. thank you for taking the time to write to me and to tell me how you have learned to celebrate. my world has been turned upside down and inside out more often than i can say. we’re living in a bit of chaos even as i type…but remembering to celebrate the small moments helps me put everything in perspective and to have hop and joy despite the craziness. i am determined that no matter what happens in life, seeing the reasons to celebrate helps me have the beautiful life i crave for myself and my family. i know that no matter where your life leads you, no matter how insane it seems…the unknowns don’t seem as daunting when we look at them with a celebratory eye. celebrating the smallest and the biggest, the noisiest and the quietest always helps me to maintain as much control as i can possibly have in life and keeps everything in perspective. i wish for this year to be full of celebration for you…hurray for your perfect word choice. thank you for becoming my newest friend.


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