Happiest Greetings!

Dear Friend, this is my first and only message for 2017. I have SO MUCH TO TELL YOU!! But it will all have to wait until 2018, which is unbelievably just around the corner.


I want to wish you the very happiest holiday season. My hope is that you find yourself feeling peaceful despite the demands of the season. My other wish is that as you approach this most amazing time of year, that you take time to sit back and ponder your blessings, the goodness in your life, the peace that comes as you contemplate the reason we celebrate Christmas (if you do) and the happiness that generosity and kindness can bring to others as well as to your heart.


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own selves during this time of year, whether it be sadness or depression from whatever has occurred in our lives and in our past, that we do not think that extending ourselves to help others can chase those feelings away. I have experienced very hard Christmases, some I do not like to think about, but I remember that underlying the many emotions that existed during those Christmases, we were helped by ordinary people doing extraordinary things for us. You can be a light to someone’s life this year and it is not too late to find where you can be extraordinary.


Merry Christmas, my extraordinary friend. I wish you beautiful blessings and all good things.


Please take some time for yourself, a moment to breathe in the season, to lift your spirits and to remember.


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