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Girl on Fire



It is hard to believe that this year came so quickly. Gosh…we’re only four years away from 2020. I know, I know. I’ve cursed myself because I said that…now time will pass even faster. As a total aside…does it seem like only a few years ago since it was 2000 and not 15? Just wondering if I’m the only one out there. 2015 was almost nearly a blur. I am sure 2016 will be just as blurry.

I am a little late revealing my word for the year…that one little word that people adopt in lieu of resolutions. Most bloggers/Instgrammers revealed their words like clockwork on the first day of the year. I was otherwise occupied.

I like the move towards just one word that influences an entire year…if we are mindful of it. Last year I had 12 words. A word for every month. One of my readers suggested that I report each month on how I achieved success with that word as I implemented it into my life. That was a great idea…a phenomenal suggestion. I should have done it. However, I lived the life of a Bedouin (only without a tent and a camel) traveling here and there up one side of the country and back down it and slightly over to the east a couple of times. As you may have noticed, I was not a regular blogger and my posts were mostly hit and miss. I was a busy girl…busy implementing all those words all through the year. I felt that I was very mindful of those words almost daily. I should report to you, my small group of friends who have followed me despite my irregularities, that I did pretty well. Better than average. But not perfect. I was near to being sorta/kinda perfect in how I integrated those words and their subsequent catalysts into my life. I definitely could have done better, but by in large, I am satisfied. I grew. I learned. I thought more of others than of myself most of the time; and I feel that implementing my 12 Words for 2015, for the most part, was a success.

With the winter upon us, and the fact that my Russian stove/fireplace is the ONLY heat source for my downstairs (except for two expensive-to-run electric wall-mounted heaters in the kitchen), I light a lot of fires. My cottage was built in 1927. I do not think that there is much, if any, insulation behind the wooden walls and almost every wall is a window that opens up to the water and the sky and the incredible world…so my house gets cold during the winter IF I don’t keep a fire burning in my fireplace. As a result, our woodpile is stacked to the rafters of the woodshed; my woodbin on the porch is full; and I light at least 1-2 fires a day. The Russian stove does a beautiful job of keeping the house warm and comfortable with a gentle, even heat. The delicious part of that is that my home feels constantly romantic, cozy, comfortable and perfect.


Fire fascinates me. It is a phenomenon to me. I can only imagine how excited, perplexed, dumbfounded the first people were to discover fire. I stare as my match ignites, as I hold it beneath the kindling and watch it catch. The flame starts out slowly, but then eagerly as it consumes the kindling. The fire increases in heat and intensity, the wood warms and heats and finally relinquishes itself to the temperature of the fire. The flames lick and stroke the wood until my fireplace is soon aglow with a blazing, warming fire. I am hypnotized each time I do this and always spend a good amount of time watching the progress from lit match to furious fire.

There are many words than ran through my mind as I gave thought to my possible word for this year. People told me their words. I read the words of others, which were all very good words. I realized that each person who adopts a word, does so because of something needed in their lives, something that will make them a better person or a more complete person or the vision of who they want to be or the direction they want to take. It may make them more of this or more of that or fill the void in their lives of a very needed something that only they can acquire by means of who they become because of this word. Or at least put them on the path. All those words are as individual as the people who chose them; and, I have no doubt that each person put a tremendous amount of thought into their word choice.


My word, carefully chosen and thought about is: IGNITE. I want to be on fire with my potential…with what I can become. I want to ignite the parts of me that still need discovering and fan them into sparks of possibility. I want to stir the embers of my smoldering soul until I burn with joy and purpose and am constantly aflame. I need to feed the fire in my heart so that it doesn’t falter with fear but burns bright with trust and faith and so much love that I am a constantly a girl on fire. I want to glow.


I took a trip through Google images…for lack of appropriate IGNITE images and found these. There’s some pretty amazing stuff out there and all of it so appropriate…so obviously someone was thinking right up my alley, thankfully. All of these thoughts apply to exactly what I want to do: IGNITE.Don’t you jus love Rumi’s quote?

So that’s the word, my friends. My word for 2016: IGNITE!! I am a girl on fire. Maybe…just maybe I can cast a spark that can make a difference somewhere. A spark to ignite or warm another soul. A spark that can give light to another. A spark that will chase away the darkness that sometimes besets me. A light that shines. I so want to shine.


One spark CAN ignite the world.


Images: Google Images…thank you SO MUCH!

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