I am sitting at my children’s soon-to-be-laden table on this very early Thanksgiving morning. The moon still hangs heavy and full as it makes is descent towards morning somewhere else in the world. My precious family still lays sleeping upstairs, lost in their dreams. The days of November have flown like so many autumn leaves and suddenly, it seems, I am poised on the edge of December. December will be over before we know it and we will be on the brink of a new year. And I will be a year older and hopefully wiser.


As I sit here and reflect….which I seem to do a lot these days…the reflecting part that is, my heart is filled to overflowing with gratitude for my countless blessings and tender mercies. Despite the bumps in the road, the unmet dreams, the hiccups that seem to arise as a part of life…I am blessed. Extraordinarily blessed.

2015-11-07 12.59.49

My greatest treasures are upstairs sleeping and the rest of my treasures live in different states where time and circumstance prevent them from being here with us. Despite that distance, we are tied by our heartstrings, by our memories, by the deep love we share. My family is my greatest blessing.

I could take up space here listing all my gratitudes and your are so lucky I am not doing that because you would be here reading for a very long time. If you haven’t done so already, grab a notebook and begin a daily habit of recording all those miracles and blessings and moments of profound gratitude in a gratitude journal. I have done this for years. Sometimes when I partake of a bit of tear-water tea (read it in Arnold Lobel’s Owl at Home….delightful), I have only to open my gratitude journals and steep myself in a wonderfully delicious brew of memories and small miracles that replace any maudlin  thinking. You will be so grateful that you do this. I promise.

2013-10-30 14.31.41-1

I hope that wherever you are, that you find yourself in the middle of your family and your Thanksgiving; or at least wrapped in sweet memories of them. I hope that your heart fills with gratitude for your own tender mercies, miracles and blessings.

I wish you peace, my friend. Make beautiful memories and baste them with the richness of love. Happy Thanksgiving.

(The falling leaf image (which I love) is from the Habitually Chic blog.)




6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. What a lovely post this thanksgiving morning! I am so grateful for you and all your beautiful talents, you make the world an enchanting place and I’m so happy you get to be with part of your treasures this wonderful day. May blessings fill your heart today and always! xoxo dear friend-💞me


    • thank you for your kind comments, my precious friend…although you know i say the very same things about you! i hope your heart overflowed with blessings and grew two sizes! i love you so and i am beyond grateful for your friendship!


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