Sweet November

Sweet November.


4 thoughts on “Sweet November

  1. I just read your article in Bella Grace Magazine. By any chance do you live on Bainbridge Island? I recently moved here for an internship at YES! Magazine, and instantly started to get excited when I read Puget Sound, island, and Pacific Northwest. I enjoyed your story.


    • thank you for your kind words, kayla! i do not live on bainbridge…..but we’re pretty close. i live on vashon island. bainbridge is a lovely island and community. how long will you be there? your internship sounds fascinating! i am definitely curious. where did you come from? thank you for stopping by to visit me here.


    • lynda, i’m on vashon! you have NO IDEA how often i think about you! i still have your patterns and papers and so many of your things! i remember that you gave me an exploding card one time….the good kind of exploding, because it snapped and sent snowflakes into the air and i’ve puzzled until my puzzler is sore over how in the world you did that. i hate to take it apart for fear of ruining the entire thing completely. i really do miss you and hope that your life is so beautiful. you brought beauty to mine.


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