ah, september…..sigh

Well, that was quick!  Did your September fly by as quickly as mine did?  Whoosh!  Here and suddenly gone.

It was a September of shocking green crickets that catapulted themselves through our second floor balcony door and windows…look at those hind legs!

2014-09-08 15.17.52

It was a September of pale blue moths with ephemeral lives–lovely for only moments, it seemed.


It was a September of frantic spiders in a frenzy of web building, spinning engineering wonders that spanned incredible distances that decorated porch and window corners or appeared as dainty crocheted doilies pinned from leaf to leaf and strung with diamond dewdrops.


It was a September of abundance in our garden that we either had to consume, freeze or can.  I love canning in my cottage kitchen, where I look out at sky or water or watch the grass menagerie wandering or flying in and out of my yard.  My music is up as loud as I can get it and I am in my element and perfectly content.  The nesting instinct kicked in big time and I have about 200 Ball jars filled with peaches, beans, tomatoes, pear butter, chili sauce, dilly beans as well as 22 quarts of frozen corn and 4 quarts of frozen green beans in my freezer.  Some day all those jars will sit on shelves instead of hiding in boxes stacked on our cellar floor.  When that times comes, I will brave the elements to go beneath our house and stand in front of shelves full of all those jeweled jars and grin.  Eating sweet peaches in winter. . .nothing better.  Sigh.

canned goods

It was a September where deliciously foggy mornings gave way to sunshine by mid-afternoon.  September is the only month where you start out with a sweater in the early morning, peel it off by noon and put back on again as soon as the sun goes down.

foggy morning

September is the one month where pumpkins and squash coexist with peaches and nectarines….where we can eat the bounty of our gardens and orchards and pamper ourselves with fresh tomatoes.  The best of all the worlds.  Bliss.

September is time for the Puyallup Fair.  My favorite parts?  The different grange displays and the chickens.  And caramel apples with nuts.

carousel                                                      ferriswheel

It was a September of pink, peach, yellow, white and red zinnias.  Zinnias are the happiest flowers.  Even their name sounds happy…..ZINNIA!  And there are so many varieties of them.  One year I planted huge sour cream zinnias and those are my absolute favorites.  They’re white and pale green and utterly spectacular.  They even have mini-zinnias.  I love the way that sounds.  The blossoms are about the size of a quarter.  If I could trust the deer not to eat them….I would plant an entire garden of nothing but zinnias.

pink zinnias

September is a perfect time for exploration.  The month is all about change and there are wonders everywhere you look.


It was a September of sultry, sizzling sunsets, the fiery light igniting lights in windows and in my soul.  A certain setting sun poured itself along the horizon, spilling molten light on the water and leaving puddles of brilliant light on the shore.  I was all gaspy staring at it.  Completely sunset-stunned.

september sunset

As much as I welcome the beginning and even the middle of September, it is the 28th I tiptoe around.  Hard day for me and my family.  Our son died 25 years ago.  When we lived at Angelheart Cottage, each last-of-September was beyond difficult for me, and for all of us, as we neared that day.  I always prayed for rain.  Because then I wouldn’t notice the hesitation in an Indian Summer that always beckoned….just one more play day before the cold comes.  I wouldn’t see the shadows lengthening and creeping around the house.  I wouldn’t smell sunshine and Autumn and tragedy in the same breath.  I wouldn’t relive every moment of that heartbreaking and life-altering afternoon with crystal clarity as memory demons ambushed me when I least expected it or stalked me nearly every waking moment.

arch cape at sunset

Our family travels to the Oregon coast each year during a span of time that includes September 28th.  It is a time of peace and comfort, of being together as a family and making good memories.  This time is more sacred to us than Christmas.  We all breathe deeply, throw our sorrows on waves that carry them far, far away from us.  We take joy in the beauty and serenity that surrounds us as we draw each other a little closer.  Laughter replaces tears, peace crowds out grief, lightness transcends sorrows.  We do it together, just by being together.  We remember with quiet tears and love-brimming hearts that energetic and enigmatic, mischievous and loving, creative and infinitely loving brother and son.  We all feel him near us.  We measure each moment by the love that ties our heartstrings together, which unites our family in unimaginable ways.

I ran across a quote by Peggy Toney Horton and she mirrors my sentiments exactly.

“Ah, September!  You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul….but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October.”

luis gomez google+

Happy October, friends.

Photo from Luis Gomez, Google+ and on my Pinterest site, Autumn People with Autumn Thoughts


8 thoughts on “ah, september…..sigh

  1. My dear friend Jennifer~ The juxtaposition of bitter and sweet that autumn brings to you was beautifully worded in your post. Love you my friend!


  2. Your words are so touching.An amazing family, lead by an extraordinary women! We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you so much for sharing! We love and miss you!


    • oh, mary! i miss you & bob….miss all those family times SO MUCH! we are grateful for you guys! i hope every time you go to vegas, you take a little bit of us with you to spread around that little family. i love you both so much. thank you for your kinds words. give my love to bob.


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