Hello Blog

Welcome to my new online journal…


11 thoughts on “Hello Blog

  1. So proud of you Bestie! Looking forward to your beautiful writings…your way with words is always heartwarming and touching. Love and hugs to you!


  2. So very happy to read your very first post! Oh how I have looked forward to this. Can’t wait to read more and more…Your words capture feelings of inspiration, grace and heart. I know this will be one of my very favorite places to visit.


    • omigosh…..you touched me so deeply. we haven’t seen each other in so long and yet….you still see the magic. friendships never end….we just pick up where we left off. i am so excited to have you join me in the adventure that is farnia.


  3. I love your blog, especially the name. It is going to be a joy to follow. We are just getting ready to leave Germany and head to Alabama. Realized that you have an old connection with our home teacher, Rob Shumate. He works at the Army Hospital here. I think they have been here about 4 years. Such a small world.


    • glad to have you a little closer, dear cousin. it is a small world and our lives intersect more than we realize. if you even want to come back to your military roots, we would love to have you stay on the island with us. after all that flying around you’ve done, i am sure all you probably want to just sits and cozies down down on your porch with a glass of lemonade and watch the world go by.


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